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Cooling Water Chemicals

What are cooling water chemicals?
Cooling water scale and corrosion inhibitors are used to prevent system scaling and to minimize system corrosion to Cooling water systems. As a cooling water systems reuse water, the water cycles up, water evaporates, and the water impurities cycle up. As the cooling water system water recycles, a scale prevention chemical is required to keep the impurities in solution. Failure to use an effective Scale and Corrosion Inhibitors Chemicals, may lead to system scaling or increased corrosion. Our products contain defoamer, so foaming should not be a concern. For chillers, use a chiller chemical.

Cooling water biocides are used to effectively control bacteria. The two grouping are non-oxidizers and oxidizer chemicals. It is important to always feed the oxidizer continuously, while slug feeding non-oxidizers, as needed.

Where do I feed a cooling water chemical?
Cooling Water Chemicals should be feed directly into the water stream with a corporation stop valve of injection quill to allow for quick and good chemical distribution. For cooling water test kits, you should consider an all in one complete cooling water test kit.

Download a copy of "Cooling Water Lessons Learned" by the US Army Corp.

If your water conditions are extremely corrosive, have higher scaling tendencies, or other unique conditions, please visit our other website CoolingTowerChemicals.com.

Where can I buy cooling water chemicals?
Cooling water chemicals may be purchased through local representatives or through Chemworld.com.
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