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Cooling Water Biocides

What are cooling water biocides?
Biocides are often used to control bacteria development in chillers, cooling towers, and cooling water systems. Common Biocides to control bacteria are Isothiazolin and Gluteraldehyde. Failure to implement a proper biocide program may lead to under deposit corrosion and a loss of heat transfer often resulting in premature water system failures. Biocides are commmonly used with corrosion inhibitor chemicals in cooling water systems and chillers.

What cooling water biocide do I need?
After the initial dosage, use Bacteria dipslides to monitor bacteria development. Isothiazolin and Gluta are slug fed to control bacteria growth in your cooling systems.
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Sodium Hypochlorite Isothiazolin - 5 and 55 Gallons Bio Dispersant
Sodium Hypochlorite - 5 to 55 Gallon Containers
Our Price: $169.99
Sale Price: $139.99
You save $30.00!

Bio Dispersant 64 - 5 Gallons
Our Price: $325.00
Sale Price: $285.00
You save $40.00!
Sodium hypochlorite (Minimum 12.5% as NaOCl) 1.5% Isothiazolin - 5 and 55 gallons Bio Dispersant 64 - 5 Gallons
Chlorine Bromide Buy Bromine Chlorine
Stablized Liquid Chlorine Bromax - 5 & 55 Gallons
Our Price: $330.00
Sale Price: $289.99
You save $40.01!
Bromine Chlorine Slow Dissolving Tabs - 50 Pounds
Our Price: $795.00
Sale Price: $695.00
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Bromax Stabilized Chlorine Bromide - 5 to 55 gallons FORMULA 4690 is a blend of stabilized bromine and chlorine tablets.
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