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Chiller Water Treatment

How do I chemically treat a chiller?
Chilled Water Treatment chemicals require a corrosion inhibitor to prevent excessive corrosion. Closed Loop Chemical 338 is a Nitrite/Borate/Silicate inhibitor. The is the chemical of choice for Chilled Water Treatment. Sodium nitrite is an excellent metal passivator and will minimize chiller system corrosion. Sodium nitrite is a food source for bacteria development, so it is important to monitor the system for bacteria growth if your chiller operates above 45 degrees.

Chilled Water Treatment systems that often operate above 45 degrees should implement a Sodium Molybdate based chemical to minimize system corrosion. Bacteria monitoring is recommended because of the higher water system temperatures.

Bacteria monitoring is recommended for all systems. Bacteria growth may lead to underdeposit corrosion and localized corrosion pits. This condition may lead to water leaks and early system failure. Bacteria that develops as slime may decrease the cooling system heat transfer efficiency and increase your energy costs. Isothiazolin and Glutaraldehyde.

Improper treatment may lead to excessive corrosion. In this case, excessive iron corrosion may also lead to iron build up on heat transfer areas and decrease the systems efficiency. This condition will decrease your heat transfer efficiency and may increase your energy costs. A good Chilled Water Treatment chemical will minimize any corrosion issues.
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Sodium Molybdate Dihydrate - 250 pounds Sodium Molybdate - 55 Gallons Corrosion Inhibitors
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Sodium Molybdate Dihydrate - Crystals - 250 pounds 35% Sodium Molybdate - 55 Gallons 55 Gallons Corrosion Inhibitors - Clear or Pink
Closed Loop Corrosion Control Chemical - 5 Gallons Boiler Rust Inhibitor
ChemWorld 881 - 5 gallons
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ChemWorld 2338 - Hot and Cold Water Corrosion Inhbitor - 5 Gallon
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Coolguard 881 - 5 gallons ChemWorld 2338 - Closed Loop Rust Inhibitor - 5 Gallons
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