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Glycol Corrosion Inhibitor

What is a glycol corrosion inhibitor?
A glycol corrosion inhibitor is formulated to be added directly into propylene glycol water systems to prevent corrosion.

What type of Glycol Inhibitors are there?
ChemWorld has two different glycol inhibitors. The first if Glycol Inhibitor SR. This product can be purchased separately and added to your water glycol system at 3.6% versus glycol percentage in the water system. The second glycol inhibitor is designed to be added directly to Propylene Glycol USP systems to prevent corrosion.

Both products are 100% water soluble.

How much glycol inhibitor do I add to my system?
With Glycol Inhibitor SR one 5 gallon pail will treat two to three 55 gallon drums of pure propylene glycol. ADPAC Inhibitor will treat one 55 gallon drum of Propylene Glycol USP/EP.
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Glycol Inhibitor Glycol Inhibitor
FDA Propylene Glycol Inhibitor - 5 Gallons
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Sale Price: $289.99
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Propylene Glycol Inhibitor - 6x1 Gallons
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Glycol Inhibitor - 5 gallons Glycol Inhibitor - 5 gallons
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