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Boiler Water Sample Cooler

What is a Boiler Sample Cooler?
A Boiler Sample Cooler is suitable for use on hot water, saturated steam, or superheated steam services. It is installed on hot water and steam boilers in order to obtain cool samples for testing. A cool sample is important to obtain for 2 reasons. First, it will ensure you obtain an accurate sample. Second, for safety reason. Obtaining a really hot water or steam flashed sample is dangerous and will severe burns. For more product specification please download the product bulletin.

What boiler sample coolers are there?
The are three to choose from.
  • SC-100 - Steel Shell and SSTL Core (Demountable and Cleanable)
  • SC-316 - All SSTL
  • SC-600 - SSTL Shell and "Inconel 600" Tubes
What are the specifications of these boiler sample coolers?
They are made of rugged all-welded construction with internal baffles to ensure maximum heat transfer. They are designed to work in system up to 3500 psi.

How do you install a boiler sample cooler?
These units come with complete installation instruction. Take careful steps to ensure the hot is sent to the correct port and that cold or cooled water is used to chill the sample cooler.

Where can I buy a boiler sample cooler?

Boiler sample coolers are not commonly found locally. You choose to order them directly online.
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Boiler Water Sample Cooler - SC-316 Boiler Water Sample Coolers - SC-100 Neptune Sample Cooler SC-600
Neptune SC-316 - All 316 SSTL shell & tube cooler
Our Price: $691.00
Sale Price: $599.00
You save $92.00!

Neptune SC-100 - Steel Shell and 316 SSTL Tube Cooler
Our Price: $776.00
Sale Price: $678.00
You save $98.00!

Neptune SC-600 - SSTL shell and Inconel 600 Tube Cooler
Our Price: $1,098.00
Sale Price: $921.00
You save $177.00!

Neptune 316 SSTL Shell and Tube Boiler Sample Cooler Steel Shell and 316 SSTL Boiler Water Tube Cooler 316 SS shell and inconel 600 Tube Cooler
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